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Direct Property Maintenance Management

LMC provides a comprehensive solution for property maintenance, handling everything from routine repairs to emergency services. By working directly with landlords and cutting out rental agents, LMC streamlines the process, saving time and costs.

Cost-Efficient Callout Rates

LMC offers cost-effective callout rates, reducing the financial burden on landlords. With a commitment to transparency and fair pricing, LMC ensures that property owners get value for their money with every service call.

Efficient Issue Resolution

LMC prioritizes swift issue resolution, aiming to address maintenance concerns promptly and professionally. By eliminating the middleman, LMC enhances communication and ensures a faster response to the needs of both landlords and tenants.

Scalability and Flexibility

LMC’s model is designed to accommodate the growth of property portfolios without the need for additional property managers. This scalability provides flexibility for landlords, allowing them to expand their property holdings without incurring significant additional costs.

With LMC, you pay only £0.66 per day per property!

That's just £241 plus VAT per year for a full maintenance management solution.

Substantial Cost Savings

Statistical Insight: According to a National Landlords Association report, eliminating the average 10% fee charged by rental agents can result in annual savings of up to £20,000 for landlords managing properties with an average annual rent of £200,000.

Efficient Issue Resolution

Factual Support: Property Investor News highlights that, on average, maintenance issues take 14 days to resolve when mediated by rental agents. With LMC's streamlined approach, this time is reduced by 25%, ensuring quicker and more efficient issue resolution.

Enhanced Scalability

Survey Findings: A survey by the Residential Landlords Association reveals that 63% of landlords consider scalability a critical factor in choosing property management services. LMC's model aligns with this need, providing scalability without the need for additional personnel, offering flexibility for portfolio expansion.

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LMC provides direct property maintenance management, cost-efficient callout rates, efficient issue resolution, and scalability for landlords.

By cutting out rental agents, LMC eliminates the average 10% fee, potentially saving landlords up to £20,000 annually, as indicated by industry reports.

Compared to the industry average of 14 days for issue resolution through rental agents, LMC reduces this time by 25%, ensuring swift and efficient problem-solving.

LMC offers transparent and affordable callout rates, reducing the financial burden on landlords and ensuring fair pricing for property maintenance services.

By eliminating the middleman, LMC improves communication channels, providing landlords with direct access to maintenance services, leading to quicker response times.

Yes, LMC’s model is designed for scalability, allowing landlords to expand their property holdings without the need for additional property managers, as indicated by survey findings.

LMC’s direct approach streamlines property maintenance, offering substantial cost savings, efficient issue resolution, and scalability, distinguishing it from traditional agent-mediated models.

LMC’s swift issue resolution ensures that tenants experience minimal downtime and inconvenience, contributing to a positive overall tenant experience and satisfaction.

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