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At Landlord Maintenance Care (LMC), we’re dedicated to revolutionising property maintenance for London’s landlords and property managers. Our focus is on providing a direct, cost-effective, and efficient solution by cutting out middlemen and streamlining the landlord’s experience. With a commitment to prompt, professional service and a goal to ensure seamless property management, we’re your trusted partner in maintaining and enhancing your property portfolio. Learn more about our friendly and knowledgeable team with years of experience within Londo’s property scene.

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Combining seasoned property industry experts, driven young talent, and passionate leaders, our diverse team positions LMC as one of the premier, if not the leading, property maintenance teams in London, dedicated to serving landlords and assisting property managers.

Direct Cost-Efficiency

By eliminating the involvement of rental agents, LMC offers direct, cost-effective property maintenance services, saving landlords from additional fees usually charged by intermediaries.

Swift Issue Resolution

LMC prioritizes rapid and professional issue resolution, providing landlords with direct access to our services, ensuring faster and efficient maintenance solutions.

Client-Centric Approach

With a focus on reliability and trust, LMC aims to be a long-term partner for landlords, offering stress-free and easy-to-resolve property solutions, fostering a strong and dependable client relationship.

Streamlined Scalability

LMC’s services enable both small and large landlords to manage their properties more effectively without the need for additional property managers, ensuring cost-effectiveness and scalability as portfolios grow.

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