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LMC is your direct solution for efficient property maintenance in London. Serving large landlords and property managers, we cut out the middleman, offering cost-effective and reliable maintenance services to streamline your property management needs.

Cut out the middle man.
One company for all your maintenance.

Our journey began with a vision to revolutionise the way property maintenance is managed. Understanding the pressing issues landlords face in inefficiencies and delays, our mission is to offer a direct, efficient, and cost-effective solution for the way maintenance issues are resolved.

At LMC, we recognise the challenges posed by the involvement of middlemen, such as managing agents, leading to inflated costs and delays in resolving property issues. Our commitment lies in cutting out these intermediaries, providing landlords and property managers with a seamless and direct avenue for property maintenance needs.

4 core values we offer


By cutting out the need for rental agents, LMC eliminates the additional fees and mark-ups, providing landlords with more cost-effective property maintenance solutions.

Direct Property Maintenance

LMC provides a direct line for landlords to handle property maintenance needs without involving intermediary rental agents, thereby ensuring faster and more efficient service.

Swift Issue Resolution

We prioritise swift and professional issue resolution, ensuring that tenant concerns are addressed promptly, thereby reducing friction between tenants and landlords.

Reliability and Trust

LMC aims to be a long-term partner for landlords, offering reliable, stress-free, and easy-to-resolve property maintenance solutions, fostering trust and dependability.

Real case studies with real results.

Save 10% per year on all your maintenance by working directly with LMC

By working directly with LMC, London landlords can save 10% annually on all maintenance costs, cutting out the £2,000 per year typically paid to agents for contacting us to resolve property issues.

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How LMC saved a client over £200,000 PA across their 1,024 London properties

We demonstrated how our approach benefits property management companies, potentially saving a client over £200,000 annually across their 1,024 London properties.

With LMC, you pay only £0.66 per day per property!

That's just £241 plus VAT per year for a full maintenance management solution.

As part of our service, we provide landlords with a 16% discount on our standard maintenance prices, reducing call-out rates to just £55.

Cheapest in London

£55 labour rates

All maintenance calls are handled directly at the best rates, alleviating the workload for property managers and landlords from dealing with tenanted property maintenance.

Assisting PMs & Landlords

Direct Communication

Tenants and landlords will have direct access to specialised office and field staff in property maintenance, ensuring prompt and professional issue resolution for assured results.

Faster Issue Resolution

prompt & professional

We leverage extensive technology for connectivity, coupled with a personal touch from our dedicated office staff, ensuring accessibility for tenants and landlords, and managing quality control and urgent requests efficiently.

Tech Approach

Technology with a human touch

Tailored service options include white-labelled services or direct contacts with property managers, based on your preference, especially in collaborations with agents.

Custom Solutions

Your needs come first

What you get for £241 per year

70% of Property Managers time is spent on maintenance related work.

With LMC, PMs can now focus on Relationship with landlords, rent control, renewals and business development.

Seamless Scalability

Our local vetted teams ensure your expanding property portfolio is fully maintained, eliminating the need for additional employment as your properties grow.

Smaller Landlords

Small companies benefit from the ability to scale without hiring property managers for maintenance, availing better rates by exclusively managing all maintenance for their property. This enables cost-effectiveness and growth without the burden of additional staffing.

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Large Landlords

Larger companies find value in redirecting staff to more productive tasks and enhancing customer experience, as our services efficiently handle maintenance issues. This streamlines operations and allows for a more focused and productive workforce.

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