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Discover how LMC’s tailored property maintenance solutions redefine the standard for London’s landlords and property managers.

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Cost-Efficient Direct Approach

LMC stands out by offering direct, cost-effective property maintenance services, cutting out middlemen and the additional fees charged by rental agents.

This streamlined approach ensures landlords get efficient, direct, and affordable solutions, saving both time and money.

Swift and Reliable Issue Resolution

With a focus on providing rapid and professional issue resolution, LMC’s direct communication channels between landlords/property managers and the maintenance team ensure prompt and efficient solutions, fostering smoother operations and happier tenants.

Our Advantages

At LMC, our core values of cost-efficiency, rapid issue resolution, and trustworthy partnerships distinguish us, offering landlords unparalleled advantages and setting us apart as leaders in streamlined property maintenance services.

Cost Savings

LMC slashes maintenance expenses for landlords by eliminating the 10% average fee charged by rental agents. With this direct approach, landlords potentially save up to £2,000 annually on a single managing property.

Efficiency Boost

By offering a reduced call-out rate of £55 and managing all maintenance calls directly, LMC ensures faster issue resolution. This streamlined process decreases response time by 25% for landlords compared to traditional agent-mediated services.

Reliable Service

LMC’s 15+ years of experience within the property industry provide a robust foundation. This expertise guarantees prompt, professional, and tailored property services for landlords.

Scalability & Flexibility

Our model accommodates the scaling of property portfolios without necessitating additional property managers. This scalable approach allows for increased property units without incurring additional employment costs, giving landlords the freedom to grow their portfolios seamlessly.

Let us take care of your property maintenance.

Entrust your property maintenance to us at LMC, where quality meets affordability.

With a minimal management cost of just £0.66 per day, we ensure comprehensive maintenance services, providing peace of mind to landlords and the workload of property managers. Additionally, benefit from our reduced callout fees, now standing at a competitive £55, as we strive to offer cost-effective solutions without compromising on the efficiency and excellence of our services.

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LMC offers a complete property maintenance solution. If you don’t see a service your require help with, the chances are we do offer it. Why not check in with our helpful team to get a full understanding of our offerings.

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